the story of me, you and a guy

I do not know what to so now this .. but I will be strong .. strong in every challenge that god gave to me .. yes .. maybe someone watching me like there is not any .. but .. I feel all .. I've been married .. I think my life will be happier . but on the other hand .. you all must weird, right ? I'm more weird .. this world really do not fair .. with my life as an adopted child. my life as a wife .. my responsibilities as a daughter almost done .. but my responsibility as a wife .. I have yet to solve. erm ... Afif never understand my feelings .. feelings of a wife to her husband .. what do I do he never appreciated. okay .. not what .. elders say .. we'll never taste the sweetness if we do not never felt bitterness ...The words that I held since I began to love ..memories with me to my first love  Ikmal .. I forgot .. he who taught me the meaning of true love .. even though he never loyal to me .. but I know .. he might justly want to do that .. that is not I never forget .. he exhales his last breath in front of my own eyes .. 6 months .. I suffer until I met my husband. who 've made me happy ..Alhamdulillah ! I 've long this nonsense .. haha ​​.. no point me the story again ..assalamualaikum you all ...

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